May 2012


Plum- Peplum Trend

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Glamour & Drama is what defines women’s fashion, but frill or embellishment are not the only details that can give you a dramatic upheaval, a little bit graceful sophistication can easily make you turn the tables. PEPLUM is one such trend which can achieve that with Grace, dignity and of course a bit of illusion. It has stormed the runway, Jason Wu, Vera Wang, Dior, Armani, McQueen, Karen Walker, Rodarte there was hardly any designer who wasn’t bugged by this trend.

My personal favorite has to be Jason Wu this year, his dresses showcased refinement of couture with the dynamic movement, his silhouette were made of over-sweet graceful sophistication with an ease of a biker chic.

Peplum has graced fashion scene since decades, the style originally belongs to the ancient greeks, and later on made the modern women look chic in 40s and 80s. In the 40s Dior women adapted to the trend to look tinier above the waist and rounder below, thus looking more curvaceous without being erotic. But in the 80s peplum took a more dramatic turn with overtly structured shoulders and layers of overskirt.

This season PEPLUM has taken a more lady like yet fearless twist, today you can find peplum to work for both your body or budget. Every retailer has barged the stores with this trend, following are some of my favorite and easy on pocket pieces.

 Some more inspiring Peplum silhouettes.

Keep it pretty and love what you wear…

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