May 2012

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Stylish Men- Fashion Inspired by Waris Ahluwalia

The man with long crafty fingers, tall stature, wide hearty smile with humble eyes and one of the most distinctive personality in New York, Waris Ahluwalia is an Indian born sikh Actor & Jewelry Designer.

An inspiration to Sikh community all over the world, he designs and sells his exclusive jewelry to most elite stores across the world with a brand in his own regal name “House of Waris”. An actor by chance with the movies like Inside Man and Life Aquatic and various commercials with his credit. Waris draws inspiration from Love & History, fears nothing and stays true to himself and those who believed in him. His jewelery is crafted in Italy & India, he believes a crafts men gives a soul to a design, his belief in the idea of connectivity keeps him closer to his roots.

Not just that, he is a fashion icon to many with a keen sense of style which is a quintessential mix of Comfy & Luxurious.

Mr Potter did a nice video feature with Waris Ahluwalia.




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