Jun 2012

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How to Wear Masculine Chic Trend

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Masculine Chic or Menswear for women, the trend gives a feminine touch to traditionally masculine pieces. Various female celebs have adorned the trend over the period of time on the red carpet, a trend introduced by Diane Keaton’s wardrobe in the 1977 comedy Annie Hall. The trend has an androgynous appeal, and the outfits are not overtly sexy yet do have feminine qualities.

But I feel one of the most challenging trend to style is Menswear, there are various inhibitions and questions surrounding menswear for women like, ‘Can you look feminine in masculine cloths…, Can you look sharp yet pretty…’ or one I get from everyone ‘Its for the skinny girls…’ for this is one trend that can always keep you on the edge. So today’s post is about How to wear Masculine Pieces without looking like a “Tomboy”…

Get Inspired: There are great male inspirations & Style Icons

Tom Ford: Designer who revolutionized men’s Fashion, he himself is an epitome of Muscular elegance. Sharp… Chic… Bold… are the words which define Tom Ford’s. I’d prefer to CUT+COPY+PASTE his style any day and it will never fail me… here is my way of Tom Ford style.

Jhonny Depp: One of the sexiest man alive, he can make a Bear Costume look as stylish as a Tuxedo. He is neither rock star, nor actor, nor celebrity; he is an expatriate artist and that reflects in his style as well. With a signature Fedora, Faded Jeans, boots and lots of bracelets he has created his own fashion and a lot like me follow through religiously…

James Dean: “Everyone either wanted him or wanted to be like him” Ask Men. When it comes to James dean he was the king of cool, his rebellious style has inspired all the restless souls since 1950s. What ever his style would be his accessory was always a cigarette dangling in his lips… here is my inspiration of “Rebel without a Cause

Adorn ‘My Lady’: Wear key pieces with your adorable feminine apparels

Why not just Suit up:

Miroslava Duma glamourised a Mens Suit with a deep neck Vest and heels…

Doina Ciobanu– is wearing a masculine grey suit and paired them with High Louboutins Heels for a touch of feminine elegance…

Dress up in flirty & feminine fabrics with Masculine Cuts… The trend was seen on the runway as well: Phillip Lim

And at last there are a more and more women on streets to rock the trend…

Lastly if you are worried about looking big, then the trick is “Waist”…

  • If you are want to wear a Mens Shirt with shorts or a skirt, then pick high waisted. It makes you look curvy and smart, pull the collar slightly upward to make your neck look slimmer.
  • If you want to wear Pants, they can be Wide + High waisted or Narrow+ Low waisted. Keep volume centered on one item either Above waist or below waist.
  • To wear a Suit make sure its pleated from back, it makes your silhouette look curvy.
  • Try a Bustier or Tube top for the suits it makes exposes your colar bone and neck and gives an illusion of Long neck.
  • Same goes with heels, flats make your calves look smaller and your back larger; so stick to stilettos (avoid block/  wedges)
 If you have any question or feedback do write to me, I’d love to hear from all my readers.

15 thoughts on “How to Wear Masculine Chic Trend”

  1. Much as I love masculine chic styles on others, I tend to end up looking like an aging jockey in drag when I try the Annie Hall or Doina Ciobanu looks above. Great post! Congrats on being featured in Links a la Mode this week!

    1. Well, Im so thrilled by your comment… and you are so right when I see someone androgynous I just want to replicate the style… and believe me its addictive you will need someone to tell you get back to being a doll…

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