Jun 2012


What shall I gift… Father Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day SpecialFathers day is right around the corner and I need to get my dad something he’d like… Although he’d love anything from his daughter but still I need some really good advice.

So here’s a small list of gift ideas for Dad’s (Mine or yours as well), What will be your choice.

In these new Nike TW 13 Golf Shoes.Well I guess with these in his feet he will stay in place during his most ferocious swings. And his game might just get a little bit better (Sure mom wont like them).

I just fell in love with this, specially in case of my dad as he always ends up decanting his bags contents in search of his stationary. This isn’t a Rambo-style sling for paperbacks. The Book Bandolier is instead an adjustable leather strap that offers six loops for holding pens, pencils, and brushes, and is designed to wrap around a stack of drawing/notebooks.

Meet Henry the Desk Vac this will be my Mom’s favorite, may inspire Dad to keep his studio clean.

“Yakshagana” Eye Mask from Playclan is so cute, its relevantly called EYE SPY

Leather Cooper Briefcase from Ralph Lauren, expertly crafted from calfskin and finished with polished metal hardware. Isnt this gorgeous, how I would love to buy this one but a little overpriced for me.

 This one I dont need to think too much about this. Tea-wood frame glasses total stunner and a great add on to Dad’s collection.

Well this is my list do tell me which is your favorite, and if you have any add ons send me the links.

7 thoughts on “What shall I gift… Father Day Gift Guide”

  1. i liked the glasses the most… the look, the feel and more thn nething else will remind him of his son/daughter for going in such details. But if ur dad’s into books then my first choice would be the bandolier.

    1. I knew they can be the best choice… Just finished ordering the glasses… My Dad’s not into books but he is a designer and always ends up loosing his pencils…

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