Jul 2012

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How to wear- Sheer Fashion

I’ve been away from blogging since a while, I was concentrating on a few designing projects… but since Im back now I can talk more about things that matter to me most.

Over the last few weeks I realized a desperate need to talk about sheer fashion, how to style and incorporate sheer pieces in your wardrobe.

Sheer clothing is designed from light, delicate & translucent fabrics like Silk, Chiffon, Georgette, Organza, Tulle or Lace. “Baring” statement pieces which were once seen only on Runway or Bold Editorials are now seen as seasons essentials.

I’ve always said Fashion is not for feeble hearted and style is to grace that courage, So sheer trend again is not for shy. Sheer clothing is not new to fashion, designers have shown sheerly dressed models with baring bust & bottom all across runways; that was the biggest reason even the most daring have shied away from sheer. But over the years as the definition of sexy has changed so has the trends off the runway, more and more designers are playing with the idea of presenting the modern form of sexuality with paneled tops and layered skirts.

But the most important question to be asked is how do you want to wear sheer fashion: you can choose between SEXY or SUBTLE. While you think about that let me help you with a little detail here:

So how to wear sheer:



  • Fitted looks trashy
  • NEON on NEON is a NO-NO
  • Displaying intimates… well I dont need to say much about that

There are a few sure shot hits for sheer dressing as well…

Though sheer is in trend and surely for the most daring but it can be tried with meticulous detail.

6 thoughts on “How to wear- Sheer Fashion”

  1. totally loved it… especially ur fashion sense.
    y dont u commercialize ur knowledge and know-how. I m sure u either already have or planning to do it sooner or later… hope its sooner thn later :).


    1. Thanks a lot to drop by…
      I do have plan to commercialize but not for affiliates, Im more keen towards collaborations and editorials…

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