Sep 2012

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How To Wear- Sweatshirt

The humble Sweatshirt was designed for the laborers in the 30s to keep them warm in freezing temperatures, it took a more fashionable derivative in 70s with the introduction of Hip Hop Culture. It has made yet another comeback with in the fashion season this year, and the trend was evident in the street style in New York Fashion Week. Though Im yet to get my hands on the trend because of the weather conditions, but here’s how you can pickup the overtly comfortable and sporty garment and make it look stylish.


Sweat & Leather… Mixing the two will give you Comfort & luxury at the same time. Pair a comfort fit sweat shirt with luxurious look of leather pants or skirt. You can tuck in the sweat shirt for a more chic and fun look.


Wear a sweat shirt for a night out or at a friend’s party with this Marc Jacob style glittery sweat shirt.


Become the modern day Cinderella and pair your sweat shirt with a feather skirt add a spunky touch with legendary Chucks.


This is the look about versatility add prints for a colorful amalgamation and a lace shirt underneath to add more texture and fun layering… and that bow is my way to add some quirk.


Now this style is all about sophistication

Hair pulled in a ballerina bun long snug fishtail skirt and a sweat shirt to clash the idea… what more can you ask for in a Diva.


Though prints and lace in sweats is new Jersey style classic numbered sweats are the most legendary, but all in all these come in my favorite list. For more styles and designs click here.

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