Dec 2012

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DIY Embellished Sweatshirt

mainI love sweatshirts! They are the best to add “off the shelf” boyish charm. So when they said sweatshirt is a fashion staple for the A/W 2012, I had to be excited to wear one…

(P.S. Im not shocked Im excited)

Then I saw these images…

8200766097_c303c6cc85_z copyGIVENCHY_Beads_Star_White_sweatshirt_sweater_fal

…which made it obvious that a sweat shirt isn’t enough for me this season. It must have more than just boyish charm…10

So after being inspired by the Givenchy sweatshirt and transparent necklace by Geneva, I decided to DIY an embellished sweatshirt.

So what you need is:

  • A sweatshirt (Old or New)
  • Some rhinestones (round & drop shape), Swarovski ones are amazing because of the cut. As it was for the sweatshirt I chose the sew on ones

1 2

  • Needle and thread (preferably in the color of the shirt)


  • Scissors
  • And a bit of DIY Time

Start by marking the placement of the stones and sew the round ones one by one.




Then place and mark the drops (I chose to make stich marks as its easier to place drop points). Once marked sew each stone securely.7

After all the sewing and punctured fingers I was able to achieve the picture u saw above… the one below without too much photoshop…



Wear it with a white pencil skirt and outrageous heels or wear it with super skinny jeans.

P.S. This is my first DIY tutorial (Im good at DIYs but bad at explaining them) have any questions or recommendations, leave a comment below.