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Fall 2013 nail trend

Bold trendsDont know how and why but my tips have become the like the most important part of my weekly routineimglnk-10

Im like one of those crazy people who paint their nails every second day. I wish painting nails cud could be as easy as doing graffiti ‘one spray and you get that perfect finish… huh‘. But never the less that ain’t gonna stop me thanks to the power of chemicals thinner I can restore the perfect shine and texture of my lacquer to as good as new. Though as much as I would love a bottomless bottle, eventually the brush sinks deep. As the winter fall is getting closer so is the list of new shades to be added to my collection but before I hit the shelf, I decided to share my list of favourite fall colors.

What’s trending right now is Rouge and Dark shades obviously.

“For those with short nails like me, dark shades may make your nails look dirty and punk in all the wrong ways. Nevertheless, try and keep your tips touching the end of your finger and perfectly shaped and you are good to go.”


The most alluring shade of the season which has been trending since the NYFW A/W 2013 is “Oxblood”. Now what is oxblood as a shade if you know ‘shhhh’:

Oxblood is the darkest of red almost reaching darkest of coffee brown, as a matter of fact two coats of the perfect opaque shade will give you an almost reddish espresso ting.

What I like about it is that its perfect for hands as well as feet. I have been wearing it since february** and even if my feet got tanned a little the color made my skin look fairer wonderful.

Choice of color would be which ever you like from below from shimmer, glitter, matte your choice.

Brands I have tried and loved are Revlon and Chanel ‘Rouge Noir’. ‘Velentine’ by Revlon gives you a very near to red but sexy sorts of color on the other hand Chanel is more the espresso it gives a very rock and roll chic also it makes my fingers appear longer.

I like creamy formulas they give best shine yeah I like them shiny

P.S. As the shade is really dark it tends to clump faster than usual so do whats right!!


Next in the line is Purple it was seen on fall runway in various shades and formulas

Again PURPLE and not mouve, but if you have a less opaque mouve you can put on three or more cotes to make the shade darker.

My personal favourite are deep dark purples like the first left but no shimmer yikes. I like Essies ‘Bahama Mama’ and OPI ‘Dark Plum’.

Oh and also Revlon has got a polish ‘Scandalous’ Im yet to get my hands on but I m already in love with it flutter.


Indigo has been fashion since like forever now, but the fall color is midnight blue (funny I have never seen a blue midnight :/).

Moving on there are so many blue shades available that I get confused beyond my wits and yet Im still to find that midnight blue. But I have this really cool wiered trick to check the right shade, I take all the bottles and step out in the natural light to check the actual color cool right.

The ones I like not the darkest of blues are OPI ‘Sapphire’ and Chambor again dont remember name of the shade and there is one by Faces Canada that I have someone raving about but I guess the color fades after a day or two.


Then there is black as always but Im adding spring whites to my collection hell my post my rules and best black I think black is just black I never had bad black ever. I started my black journey with Lakme seven years back and today

Im using:-

Street Wear- Creamy

Sally Hansen HArd as nail- Long lasting shine, I have tested it for max four days

L’ Oreal Glitter polish- Its golden glitter with black transparent shade awsome for a topcoat.

One’s I wanna buy Chanel Black Satin but Im broke :/


Actually its not Pinks and oranges photoshop issue the in color is Burned Orange & Raspberry but on the dark side confused. Ok so burnt orange I love love love ‘Lush Tangerine’ from L’Oreal, you guys must try it seriously.

As for the confusing Raspberry shade is Pink Burst by Lakme Gel Stylist, I still dont like it much though. The shade I like is Lakme Color crush No 18 but I do think that the shade is accidental, its like Lakme was making something and made something else. Also I have this Scented Revlon scent=paint+strawberry :´( in pink and the shade is to die for but not very fall friendly without three coats.


Next in line are metallics silver and gold and all the shades of both is any shade or formulation wont elaborate I dont like metallics except of they are chrome finish. P.S. This also include Holographic enamel which is like a made rage these days.


Now coming to the GREEN, I love the color and with OPI now in India there is nothing to worry, I have my eyes on OPI ‘Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window’ wtf for the name you have any more suggestions leave in the comments section.


Glitteraty: anything with texture in a rage this season nail beads, studs, sand and glitter. I love glitter nail paints any color and you’ll find me doing nervous dance with my feet SA’s shuold not know.

One’s I like L’Oreal and O.P.I