Sep 2014

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How To: Oversized Shirt

Exaggeration is the keyHow to wear it:

Contrasting Proportions: Wearing an oversized shirt with skinny lowers make gives an illusion of contrasting geometry. This is the best bet for girls with curves, skinny flatters everybody but when worn with a bigger shirt it will make anyone look slimmer and taller. Slender girls can wear it with loose formal palazzos as well.



Gotta have some humour: This comes straight from the style diva “Taylor tomassi hill” its like this:

  • Wear a shirt with any skinny jeans or pencil skirt.
  • Take another shirt wear it under your arms and starte buttoning in the front from second button.
  • Button it till the middle and overlap the rest rather than buttoning.
  • Take the sleeves and cross them at the back and bring to the front.
  • Now tie the sleeves in the front on your waist like a half ribbon knot.
  • ‘Tada’ your ready to rock.


Wear with long slim lines: Wear it with long Slim Maxi or with a palazzo pants. To make people believe you never ending legs put on some really high heels.

oversized 4

Sultry and sexy: Pencil skirt! thats my personal favourite.



Close and open: How many buttons you wanna keep opened thats up to you, but It does depend on what’s the occasion and what are you wearing inside of the shirt. Though Peeking bra is a trend I’d suggest dont try it unless you are among friends or on vacation just saying. I personally keep all my buttons closed element of mystery till the collar and wear chunky necklaces over the shirt.



The Fold


Tuck it right: For  those with curves tuck the shirt inside and make sure the volume is in the front and not the back, for those with skinny bottom half tuck the shirt in the front and leave the behind loose and push all the volume in the back keeping the front clean.


Wear it and bare it: Wearing a shirt ‘sans bottoms’ as a dress. Give it a shot some great fashion bloggers have and they also rock it.



Lastly the sweatshirt: As I have talked previously about it, you can find the article linked here in the archives. Below is some inspiration for you.


Please send us you pictures if you have tried an oversized shirt yet or leave a reply in any questions.