Sep 2014

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I am a Woman and I come in all shapes and sizes

#PositiveBodyImageBeing a woman is not easy, its not easy to just be you. You have to multi task and be a talented competitive professional, a great gossip monger conversationalist, a loyal bitchy friend and above all beautiful (skinny, fair, stylish, tall, comfortable in heels, vogue worshipper, sleep/ eat/ breath SJP and so on). A Woman’s beauty has moved mountains, conquered kings and compelled Gods to be men but in midst of it all being a woman became unrealistic and over complicated.
Adverts, Editorials and Social media in particular has pushed the notion of a certain perfected beauty down our throat and made it a standard. I think we received these preconceived ideas of imperfection as inheritance from our older counter parts. Society has somewhat associated this idea of perfection with happiness, success and love.

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We waste so much of our time in trying to look perfect and hiding any signs of life that we have lived in order to fit these standards and are reminded again and again by everything around us that we are not yet there or will never be. The most scary of the thought is that this romanticised image of beauty is publicised by none other than “us”. Today with unprecedented reach of social media each of us has liberty to give opinion for everything and everybody we encounter but we chose to revolutionise the Art of Insulting.
Take a casual stroll across twitter and you will find innumerable defaming and degrading comments. Opinion of people telling women of different shapes, sizes, colour or age to be something or someone they are not. This obsession with unrealistic perfection (that is created on a computer screen with the help of a few million lines of coded compilation) has complicated the way we see ourselves and how we want the world to see us. What we don’t realise is how this unrealistic expectation is affecting young girls globally, and what examples are we setting for those coming of age.

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But this is changing with more and more brands taking responsibility to change the way people look at themselves.


Dove advertisement featuring real life people of different shapes, sizes and color

Numerous prestigious brands are taking everyday women or older models to endorse their products, brands are ditching excess or any use of photoshop to air brush their models to like plastic dolls. One such brand is Aerie, a lingerie brand featuring real models to showcase their products across the website with no photoshop or re- touch (we will soon talk more anout this).

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Here are a few of many campaign shots

As a matter of fact Graphic artists are creating realistic looking dolls to set better examples for young adolescent girls.

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Lammily with a tag line “Average is beautiful” is a designed by a graphic artist and will hit the stores this fall.

As much as I wish things can move faster I know this is a change that has to come from within us. Today I pledge to take a few steps to accept my body as it is, I will embrace the scars of injuries which taught me life lessons, I pledge to accept and adore who I see in the mirror, I will be confident to do more of what comforts me, I will eat healthy and organic food for a healthier body and mind, and I will never judge someone by their Body Image.
You can too take a few small steps towards being a better woman for all women:
First and foremost “Love yourself”
Get naked, look at yourself every morning properly, touch yourself softly and cross your arms to hold yourself, say I love you.
Day 1 to 3: You will laugh at the sheer stupidity for what you are reminding yourself.
Day 4 & 5: You will criticise your body image and look away, you will see sagging arms and flab and you might break down but that’s alright. (some of you will curse me for the advice).
Day 6 & 7: You will realise actually how much you love yourself and that your body is who you are. That this isn’t a trap instead you are trapping yourself within the walls of a delusion.
You will see curves, you will see memories in those deep scars. You will see those stretch marks and realise that you adore everything about your child.
You will start to appreciate your body and the life you have lived.

Keep us posted for your thoughts about body image and how we can help millions of girls to gain confidence and a better future.