Sep 2014


Oversized Shirt

For the sake of Androgyny


Every designer on any runway is experimenting with proportions. Today chic is not short or snug… its about comfort, minimalism, clean lines and structure. Today style is about the choice of who you want to be and whats your lifestyle.


Define the trend:

A shirt which is generally uptill or below your hip bone and loose on the shoulders is oversized fit yeah thats a thing. If you can you shall is the rule! so if you can get your hands on your boyfriend’s any men’s slim shirt* or any sweatshirt and be a bit creative then give it a go.

Maja Why

Why its trending:

A flamboyant shape with distinctive proportions and cuts, not restricted, not conforming to established rules of design, its about lifestyle. Because you can give an elegant tweak to the otherwise simple piece of clothing to create a billowing silhouette. Its the trend that defines androgyny without being called a TOM-BOY FTLoG, big is the new sexy.


What to expect:

PANIC for the starters… Its not a very easy trend to pull off if you are not open to experimenting with your look, you are wearing a men’s shirt and you don’t know who and what is the BOX doing in the mirror. So expect practice:

Practice to half tuck your shirt

Practice to leave the buttons undone

Practice to keep the sleeves up in a swing fold (explanation here) or any fold you personally like

Practice the collar lift

Practice the walk

Click here to know how- to wear an oversized shirt perfectly

On the Runway:



Olsen Twins


Emmanuel Alt


Do tell us how you feel about the trend…