Nov 2014

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How to wear Palazzo Pants

Orange is the new Black


Palazzos are a great way to lengthen your legs and synch your waist and like every piece of garment there are some tricks to it as well, things to keep in mind while wearing palazzo or wide leg pants…

  • Elevation: Do not wear palazzo pants with flats if you want to looks tall, idea is to create elevation from ground so even an inch of heel is perfect if you dont like wearing high heels. Being ‘wide brimmed’ Palazzos create an illusion of big and wide by showing your ankles or feet you break this illusion with graceful and slim legs, even if you are not slim it will help.
  • Shape: When you are buying a palazzo pants check the butt area and make sure there is no volume there, specially on the sides as that will make you look big and disrupt your plans to look slim. Palazzo should be synched at the waist and slick at the buttock giving way to volume below.
  • Pair it with: What look you create with a piece of garment is decided by what you pair it with, always remember that you can take a LBD (little black dress) from cute to sexy just by accessorising. So in case of palazzos try crop top for a playful look, wear a dress shirt (tucked in) to add classic charm and elegance, pair it with your favourite band T- Shirt and knot it at the corner (trust me it looks awesome). I have paired the palazzo pants with a loose shirt and yes I know people loose and loose doesn’t work but you be the judge.

Do let us know if you have some more tips for how to wear Palazzo pants and we will feature them on the blog here. Till then enjoy the post and share to show some love.








Images by two very good friends and talented photographers Jovin George & Arnab Das