Nov 2014


How to wear Hats for Autumn/Winter

Head Start

Winter head gear is more than just about colourful beanies and gradually since SS2013 Hats have trickled their way down the streets gracing crowns of real woman. Historically Indian heads have been decorated by fancy and elaborate turbans which died out gradually as we entered the foray of multi national entities and corporate personalities but while we accustomed to the Manhattan wardrobe what we didn’t accepted as customary were “Hats”. Hats are rare to the point of negligible in India when we have the most suitable weather conditions for it. India is mostly hot with shining and of course burning sun over our heads for at most 9 months of the year rest 3 months are cold enough to break your capillaries with a gush of wind. Then why don’t we wear hats more often or ever. Im kinda known to break the norms and have been a great fan of hats (been called wild wild west many a times) as well proudly.

But having said that i’d like to inspire people to wear hats more often and to do just that below are some inspirational outfit sets to add some brimming glamour to your winters.