Feb 2015

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Scholl velvet smooth express pedi electronic foot file

Put your best foot forward

The most ignored part of someone’s body has to be feet. Used to the utmost exhaustion, abused with smashing high heels and shattering long walks under the sun and over gritty barren land. We certainly believe in washing our feet and some may go for a nice and fancy pedicure rarely (like once a month). But what we don’t do is Exfoliation, removing dead skin off of our feet, we continuously walk long distances which hardens the skin below the feet to harden and causes calluses. Its necessary to gently exfoliate your feet regularly at least once a week and keep them moisturized through the day in order to maintain younger looking smooth feet. But in case exfoliation with scrubs or files is laborious and time consuming, don’t forget very boring and unattractive it reminds me of 80s exhausted heroine washing clothes. So for more inventive and adventures mainly super busy 21st century women Scholl launched Velvet Smooth Express Pedi electronic foot file. Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi specially designed with a Microlumina roller head to effectively and speedily remove tough, lifeless skin and calluses by exfoliating the feet through a gentle rotating action. The absence of sharp blade or rough ridges makes it safe to use and it gently removes the dead skin to leave you with smooth soft feet. It only takes a few minutes to buff those dry scaly feet and the best part you do not need to soak your feet in hot hot hot lukewarm water.

Price: The device is 2850 INR and the in case you have to purchase a replacement roller that will cost you another 899 INR. Though I found it very useful I still believe its rather exorbitantly priced for those who are on a budget not that you are gonna stop visiting the salon for a pampering pedicure.


Design: It has a very ergonomic design colored in Cyan and White. The grip area is rather large which fits snugly in your fist, its Rubber coated which makes it very convenient to hold and control while the roller head is rotating. Its a very very sturdy design which gives it some more stars in my books well Im a sucker for a good design. The grip bottom has a screw cap for Battery housing.


Power: Powered by 4 AA Batteries plain old pencil cells, although its nice and easily replaceable I would have loved a rechargeable device. This is also one reason I find it overpriced, if it would have been a rechargeable device it would make it a far more sophisticated and sustainable machine.



Roller Head: Its a is very gritty replaceable roller head which pops out with a press of a button. Its easy to wash with any basic alkaline soap. Please Note* Do not wash the Device just wash the roller head.

Using the device is very easy its basically a two step process: Please Note* Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi must be used on dry feet.

Step 1: Switch on the device by twisting the silver ring.


Once the roller starts to rotate place it over hard skin and the roller will start buffing the dead skin off gently. The moving roller feels slight ticklish but just just for a moment. Keep moving the roller on your feet around the area which is dry. There is no working angle to this as the roller works at all angles with equal finesse. An integrated safety stop prevents you from applying too much pressure. Continue with regular passes until the dead skin is removed and your feet feel silky soft.DSC_0194


before After

Result: Here you can see the before and after images of the result with Scholl velvet smooth express pedi electronic foot file, its evidently dramatic, it buffed away all the hard skin. Please Note* I haven’t moisturised yet in this picture, and it took me 7 mins to both feet.

Step 2:Wipe or rinse feet to remove any excess dead skin and thoroughly dry feet. Im using Scholl Foot and Nail Cream which is priced at 200 INR and is very very good.