Mar 2015

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Editing Tips #MyAssusZenPhone
A lot has changed with changing technology. Today we don’t view phones as a communication device only, phone is a mirror for most women, its a handy camera to take selfies, its a reference point for inspiration.

Asus zenfone6 review- sheenafab1

Earlier I shared some of my favourite apps on #MyAsusZenFone6, this time Im gonna show you some basic editing techniques for the inbuilt app on asus.

Asus zenfone6 review | sheenafab

I use the dedicated builtin app for all my image editing and sometimes if I wish to add effects or overlays I use Aviary.

Builtin app of #MyAsusZenFone5 is power packed in itself and its super easy to do basic color correction and and enhancements. In the picture below you can see how I made an otherwise very dark and under exposed image more subtle and bright.

inbuilt app editing

Step 1: Adjust exposure (Set at nearly 80%) and curves.

Step 2: I then adjusted Vibrance and saturation

Step 3: Lastly cropped and thats it

Asus zenfone6 review- sheenafab

There are a certain thing you must keep in mind while editing your pictures.

1. If your image is very yellow or blue toned: go ahead and adjust the temperature to the opposite side (Raise Yellow for blue toned image and raise blue for yellow toned image) and it will adjust the yellow. after that increase the exposure and you are all set.



2. If the image is hazy and dull: first reduce the highlight, then raise the contrast at this point your images will be dark but comparatively sharper, if you wish to increase the brightness adjust the curve as per your liking.


3. If your images come out grainy: this generally happens because of unevenly distributed light. In such cases try and reduce the saturation of the image. Increase contrast and brightness and lastly again increase the saturation and adjust temprature if you find the image lack luster.

inbuilt app editing

Asus zenfone6 review- sheenafab2

These are some basic tips for image editing with an inbuilt app in #MyAsusZenFone5.