Apr 2015

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How to wear tulle maxi skirt

The ones who create their Fairytale
Most of us girls have grown up reading Fairy Tales about princes & princesses, but interestingly those don’t validate in todays age. Today we don’t wait for a man to make us feel special, today our lives will not be miserable if our prince is gone on a long weekend or we don’t prey on those who are not equal.

Today we wear pant suits and work on magical machines which can communicate through time via signals. But when there are princess pieces in fashion who says we cant transform into one.

How To style a White Tulle Skirt

Part 1: Casual with a Denim Jacket

I designed this fabulous skirt my self  and got it custom stitched at a local draper, The most charming thing about this skirt is its humongous fall, its so hug that you have to make an effort when you walk but then its so enchanting that you don’t give a damn after all you are looking like a modern day princess and everybody is looking at you.

To make it more realistic and 21st century casual chic, I decided to pair it with a white T Shirt and a Denim Moto Jacket to give it a Rock and roll vibe. I put together my hair in Bridget Bardot-ish bouffant to make it more dressy and prepped. Then just add a head band to complete the look and you are all set.

Will be taking more risks with this gorgeous skirt soon so watch this space and stay tuned.