Apr 2015

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Summer Clothing Linen

Summer Cool

Indian summer (mostly for those in the North) is one of the worst in the world, right now as we speak its 42 degree celsius (close to 105 degree fahrenheit) outside and its not just hot its very very dry and windy as well (just imagine burning hot wind blowing to burn you up). But we live through that fine most of the time while making certain lifestyle tweaks. We change the way we eat, the time we go out, we take more vacations and most of all our fashion and clothing goes through a radical shift. We wear more of organic and natural fabrics. My personal favorite happens to be linen, I feel it is irreplaceable in for Delhi summer.

The linen fibres and its weave allows more air to flow through the fabric, the way its structured it will never cling to your body which lets it to dry faster and also keeps its cool. Clothes made of linen have high Air permeability, which allows your skin to breath and keeps you cool. Being a good conductor of  heat and are highly absorbent, that is why they always feel cool to touch and don’t let you perspire too much.


I also believe Linen is a far practical choice for summers as compared to other cotton or silk fabrics as you prepare 1.5 times lesser. Also Linen has Im a cool girl and it rocks my world vibe (“Cheesy” I know :P), but honestly it does look far more sophisticated even when its wrinkled or crinkled (I am rhyming), jokes apart linen now days can be dyed in bright hues and looks rich & classy. Yes its a little high maintenance but if you know how to take care of the fabric its a timeless investment.


Let us see some nice options available for us and how I personally style them.

1. Pants

Linen Pants go really well with almost all shoe options, be it stilettos, clogs, Sneakers, flats you name it. And try pairing Linen Pants with Silk shirts and the final look is expensive (may be literally) and sophisticated.



2. Shirts

One word for Linen shirts they are “ALIVE”, thats what I love about them they are like a form of loose garment which thinks for you and how you want to look and shapes accordingly. I love how they sit on your body making you look casual / chic / sophisticated all at once. And Ill let you in on a secret you cannot be missed by peoples glances if you are wearing a linen shirt, you just can’t they will look at you again and again and again. You can pair loose linen shirts with skinny pants or pencil skirts.



3. Dresses

If you find one do not leave it, yes do not. Linen dress adds a dash of cool in your personality, it kinda change you into the diva who does not give a f#@k (well you get me right). Choose as loose as possible in what ever color, pair it with flats and you are the Queen of Cool; but try it with heels instead and you shall transform into the Diva of Devine like a breath of fresh air. Don’t believe me try for yourself.



The best thing about linen is that it doesn’t need to much to accessories, you can rarely make mistakes with it; but having said that you must remember that its a statement in itself so don’t try and overdo. In case you feel over burdened by the big shape of linen’ Don’t because everyone else will just love it.

Thats it for now, but if you have any questions do let me know.

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