Oct 2015

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The BodyShop Virgin Mojito review

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There’s a brand new range of Virgin Mojito from the BodyShop is extremely summery and fresh, though winter is fast approaching I still love its pick me up fragrance. The best part about this range is the fragrance without the doubt the zesty lime and mint fragrance is surely the real deal, made from true essential oil of mint and lime it lifts up your senses immediately unlike some artificial tangy lemon fragrances which puts you off immediately. Its a limited Edition range consists of Virgin Mojito Shower gel (INR 425),Virgin Mojito Body Scrub (INR 1295) ,Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet (INR 795) ,Virgin Mojito Body Butter (INR 1095) & Virgin Mojito Body Splash (INR 1395).

The BodyShop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub

the bodyshop virgin mojito Body Scrub reviewThe Virgin Mojito Body scrub comes in a tub is surely on the gentle side as compared to my sugar scrub, it is perfect for areas like décolletage but surely could use a little more grit for legs or elbows. With a gel like consistency it has tiny exfoliant beads which gives a light scrub. It doesn’t leave any residue and exfoliates gently to reveal soft and refreshed skin and of course wakes up your sense.

the bodyshop virgin mojito body scrub review

The BodyShop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub

the bodyshop virgin mojito reviewIf you’ve ever used the BodyShop Body Butter, you know that they absorb into your skin really fast and keep it hydrated through 24Hr. With continued use, your skin will soak it up and feel even better. The fragrance of body butter

the bodyshop virgin mojito reviewIt’s made with lime and mint extracts from the Caribbean, and it certainly smells good enough to eat and lingers for hours but you can extend the fragrance with the BodyShops absolutely new product The Body Splash.

The BodyShop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub

The body splash is literally to splash your body with it, honestly I cant get enough of this product. The scent does last longer if you use it after body butter as the hydrated skin hold fragrance much better. Although I loved the body splash most from this range I still wish it would have came in a spray bottle rather than a squirt bottle which generally just spills all over (hence I transferred it to a spray bottle to keep it in my bag summer on the go).

the bodyshop virgin mojito reviewIt does add an extra step to your general shower routine, but in all honesty The Body splash isn’t the product that you would want to miss out on as its very unique and refreshing. It is not as strong as perfume so will stay with you easily for 2 to 3 hrs, you can keep it in a small spray bottle to touch up during the day as well.

the bodyshop virgin mojito review

the bodyshop virgin mojito review

The BodyShop Virgin Mojito set is a limited collection and its already in stores and also available online, In my opinion this one is not be missed so what are you waiting for go get your hands on it.