May 2016


Style & Confidence

Pool Party 

A lot of people tell me that my style is very effortless, that I dont try too hard and may be I just pick out anything from my wardrobe and it kinda rocks; well to an extent that is very true but that is because over the years my style has evolved and unlike my early twenties now I know what fits me, I know what cuts will suit my body, I know my body hates proportion and honestly I plan.



With it girl models, fashion bloggers, street style stars, stylists, editors its so easy to get caught up. Wanting to buy that ‘it’ pieces for an instant cool but knowing that what may look good on me might not look good on you… this realisation is very very important!

During the first few years into blogging, my blog was just kinda a journal… something where I could put together all my ideas and inspiration while developing my personal style. It wasn’t until my mid twenties when it kinda fell into place. May be due to my age, or perhaps work profile, but this was the moment when I worked out the correlation between my style and self confidence.




I only wear clothes that I feel confident in (except when Im running errands, then I can even wear my husbands pyjamas).



Style is a journey through loads of hit & trials but you gradually know what looks good and what doesn’t and then may be you can be loyal to your style.

Photographer: Rishabh Kumar

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