Jun 2016


The BodyShop British Rose Collection: Review

Blooming bouquet

The Body Shop has released their new product line dedicated to Roses and this roses are specially grown for The BodyShop in Britain. Amongst all the products I have tried my favourite has to be the body butter to know why read on…


“Treat someone you love to petal-soft skin with our British Rose Deluxe Collection. Cultivated to the highest quality in native England, our British Roses are 100% organically grown, in a sustainable environment, ensuring its purity and quality as an ingredient, whilst supporting our new Commitment – Enrich Not Exploit™.”

The best thing about the the collection is that the roses used for the collection are organically grown and hand picked for The BodyShop in Herefordshire, the heart of the English countryside. As much as I like Rose as a flower the scent generally doesn’t appeal to me, may be because it generally tends to be very over powering and sweet. But the scent of all the products in British rose collection are very subtle, I should Sweet but Subtle. One thing I must mention is that fragrance is very gentle but even after a few hours if I smell my palms, I can smell the lovely hand cream which I wasnt expecting.

Shower Gel

Its a soap free cleanser and leaves my body super soft, it doesn’t feel dry or stripped of oil, wont say it feels hydrated but its like clean in a nice way. Its infused with the essence of hand-picked roses. This has a very gentle, natural rose scent to it.


The best thing about the shower gel is how well it leathers as its soap free, its quite a surprise. Priced at Rs 450 with this a little goes a long way and after using this for two weeks mine is almost full (see the image above).

Body Scrub


Foremost I’d like to talk about the Body Scrub, since The BodyShop is one of the most dedicated brands working towards sustainable environment, they were the first to pledge against the use of micro beads (most scrubs use plastic micro beads); and for that reason I was looking forward to what they will do with the scrub in this collection and I must say I wasn’t disappointed.


The Scrub is formulated with Walnut Shell granules as exfoliant. It is rather gritty but not harsh for the skin, I had experienced that as your circulate it over the body it heats up, may be because of the Rose Essential oil but it sure doesn’t get uncomfortable.


Overall I guess this one is on top of my Body Scrubs list from The BodyShop, I loved it mostly because of its exfoliation and also because this is has the strongest Rose Fragrance across the range. It gets makes my shower smell heavenly. Priced at Rs 1295.

Body Butter

The subtle sweet fragrance continues in the body butter as well and while you use the entire range in conjunction it helps prolong that fragrance for a good hour or two maybe.


Its a very light formulae but leaves my skin super soft and supple, it adds instant moisture to my skin without being sticky or oily. Honestly its like my skin swells up with moisture instantly. I love everything about this and as I have very dry skin this is my go to product these days. Priced at Rs 1095.


Hand Cream

Like all BodyShop hand creams this too has superb moisturising abilities and that too without being oily. The almond hand cream tends to be on the oilier side as it has oil but this one is instantly dry to touch. Priced at Rs 350.


Overall I m super psyched about the range and if you are looking for a subtle floral fragrance to add to your regime this summer you must try The British Rose Range.

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