Aug 2017


DIY Pom Pom straw bag

Summer staple

I feel Straw bags are really contemporary but have to say they do lack luster considering it is super fashionable right now, I thought Ill jazz it up a little bit… So keep reading

So my inspiration of course came from pinterest and some of the styles that inspired me are these.


But I felt only Pom Poms were not enough neither were only tassels so I mixed them up…


What you need:

  1. A straw bag: I got mine from Delhi Haat for 450INR that is close to 7$.
  2. Pom Poms of any color you want, smaller ones are easily available in most craft stores but the large ones are hard to find, I got mine from Chandni Chowk but you can also DIY them with wool (tutorial).
  3. Tassel Lace or tassels.
  4. Needle & Thread.

From here its very simple you can either glue them or stitch them onto the bag, but Id say first stitch the tassel lace and then stitch the Pom Poms. And if you decide to glue them dont use fabric glue use a glue gun as it dries faster.


I chose to stitch as its more reliable.


Finally I added a tassel key ring on the opposite side of the bag. To make that first sew in the Pompom on a thicker, then tie a knot on the string after an inch and glue and roll the tassel lace to make and continue for as many tassels you want and lastly just tie on the handle and you are done.

You have a super chic and awesome looking bag.

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