Monochrome for the Win!

October 27, 2017

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I love classy pieces in neutral tones and nothing better than
Black & White right!

I guess its a part of my life to be on the run and have something chic at hand, pieces I can easily mix and match and look good. In this profession looking good is not a choice its actually the job itself. 

That's why I always invest in pieces I know will look good on its own without much to do and can be styled on the go. If you are anything like me, you must have a lot of whites and blacks in your wardrobe.

Classic pieces like this jacket from H&M makes it easier to pull a look together and makes you look ready to deal with the day, I kept all the accessories within the same palate to create more impact. 

I consider black & white a bold look and always try to keep to minimal or nothing at all and in case I wish to take the same outfit from day to night all I need is a pair of Statement earrings, pull my hair in a sleek pony and Im ready to party.

This is mostly in the reign of my style philosophy, "Simple yet chic" 

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