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random facts about me"

1 Im an Aquarius born on 11th of Feb

Being an Aquarius I like challenges and mostly to challenge myself, this very characteristic is what keeps me motivated to do better every time but because of this characteristic I tend to loose touch with reality, loose track of time, over commit and mostly take risks I should not... Hence, trying to keep myself in check most of the time...

2 A Serial Entrepreneur and had been a part of three Start ups which have all been reasonably successful.

After completing my education I worked for someone else for 6 months and post that I have never worked for anyone else, always on my own for myself... I believe everyone has wings but to spread them you need your own space.
The need to let go of my imagination and the fear of someone else having the ability to stopping me, helped me take bigger risks in life and made me the person Im today. 

3 I married my Best Friend in year February 2016 after dating him for 3yrs

4 I was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. I like Delhi but if I get a chance to shift base to hillside I'll move in a jiffy

5 I dont travel a lot but I like travelling as much as I can, my new motto is to travel through India before opting for international vacations.

6 I have switched 3 careers. Blogging is my fourth career and I never switched because I wasn't good but because I had stopped enjoying it. I have always believed that when you must do what you love, only then you can be truly successful

7 Im waiting for #WestWorld2 impatiently, and my all time TV series is of course Game of Thrones #GOT. I love the Jhon Snow & Tyrion Lannister's characters the most.

8 I walk a lot but hate walks or running, I can walk for a purpose.. or best window shop

9 I don't have any tattoos but if I ever decide Ill probably get something around my fingers

10 One country that I would love to visit again and again has to be Netherlands. I love the young creative energy of the people and I feel it urges you to innovate and experiment.

11 I dont like exposing my arms or my legs, Im very conscious about my broad shoulders but Im gradually overcoming those inhibitions

12 I dont know how to drive and I have been trying to learn to drive since like ever but Im a very very reliable navigator

13 I have never been to a gym in my life, but I keep dumbbells  on my desk and keep working out my arms as and when I can.

14 I dont have a particular choice in music, neither do I have a favorite band or a singer and I only listen to music while Im travelling. 

15 I love cats, if I ever have a pet that will be a white Persian cat with the softest fur ever and I will name it "Ringo"

16 Im a very social person and mostly just start talking to strangers in Metros or cafes.

17 I love public speaking, I have never been nervous if I have to speak in front of an audience and I tell really great stories. I was a behavioral trainer once and public speaking was kinda my job.


I always have a very well practiced  #RestingBitchFace  in most of my pictures but in real life I can never keep still, Im a total goofball when Im around my friends and family. Even during shoots I always have moments where I cant control my inner monkey and start making funny faces or dancing like a fool.
19 I used to have very long hair but I chopped them off last year and had been cutting them to that length even since. Now I cant ever imagine myself growing my hair again, I just love my short hair. To see my long hair click here "W for Woman"

Lastly 20!

Im a big Sci-Fi and Super Hero movie buff, 80% of the time I watch movies on first day mostly, I rarely watch hindi movies but Im super fan of Bahubali both 1&2

My favriot actor in Hindi movies is Kangana Ranaut and in Hollywood I love Margot Robbie 

Boots: Zara | Jacket & Dress: H&M | Earrings: MANGO

Photographer: Deepanshu Sharma | Assisted by: Ashish Chhikara | Location Courtesy: Tourist Janpath

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