Lets Transition into Fall...

My all time favorite weather has always been transition weather, I get to mix best of both seasons and create looks that are unique and can be worn in both the seasons with ease! So I will be putting together a few looks which can help you transition your summer cloths to fall...

While pairing summer pieces with fall essentials the easiest and sure shot way is to look look for similarities. This look works because of three reasons:

  1. Base color: Both the pieces have Black as a base color, which is the most obvious choice for fall & winter.
  2. Hemline & proportions: The hemlines of both the pieces are above the usual point of end. The top is a crop and pants are high waist ankle length. Also the proportion of  both pieces is perfect for those trying to hide some belly fat like me jokes apart both are billowy proportions which looks good because of hemlines.
  3. Texture & Print: Third and most important thing about this outfit that works perfectly is the texture of leather pants and the juxtaposition floral print on the top.

Top: Zara  |   Shoes: Intoto   |    Pants: H&M

Picture Courtesy :Deepanshu & Ashish  Location: Tourist Janpath

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