Trending NEON

Neon trend gushed like a forceful wind and swept the spring & summer beneath its colorful wings. After conquering the runway it has spread its reign in the streets of fashion & made its way into every closet. Like anyone else it rules my wardrobe and makes black look timid & red feel shy.

Thank god for ZARA & MANGO to come up with fabulous neon styles. This is my humble take on how Im wearing neon this season.

Spear Mint

Delhi Summer- needless to say is the most miserable of all times. You cant live without lot of Sunscreen, loads of water and sweet & tangy summer fruits.

And then this summer comes with colorful blessing- Mint.

When you think about Delhi summers you think of lemonades with a mint leaf floating over the ice, the most dominating color palette of the summer this year must be mint, from Spring Green to Honey Dew, moving slowly Paris Green through the bright hue of Aquamarine.

Todays post is dedicated to the coolest color of the Summer (silly u must have guessed it by now).