How to wear- Sheer Fashion

I’ve been away from blogging since a while, I was concentrating on a few designing projects… but since Im back now I can talk more about things that matter to me most.

Over the last few weeks I realized a desperate need to talk about sheer fashion, how to style and incorporate sheer pieces in your wardrobe.

Sheer clothing is designed from light, delicate & translucent fabrics like Silk, Chiffon, Georgette, Organza, Tulle or Lace. “Baring” statement pieces which were once seen only on Runway or Bold Editorials are now seen as seasons essentials. Continue reading “How to wear- Sheer Fashion”

How to Wear Red- Part 2

When in doubt: Wear Red

RED I believe is one of the most depraved and underestimated
of all colors… being associated by people with anger or adultery; people generally forget its symbolism with Love and Sacrifice… where it naturally connects to Vitality and Beauty… we are conditioned to seek Danger & Blood with red…

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Plum- Peplum Trend

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Men & Fashion

A bike and a Jacket is all you need to beat the Summer Heat. Sahil Sherwani at Royal Enfield Owners Trump Rally at Juice Adventures Manori, Mumbai.

Get a nice Hat to look dapper and done. (You can get one at ZARA)

Or how bout looking cool as cucumber in summer pastels. But nothing better than a stroll in your coolest jeans and a vest.

But none can beat the elegance of those crisp linen Shrts and Chinos.

And some really daring and inspiring Men.

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Trending NEON

Neon trend gushed like a forceful wind and swept the spring & summer beneath its colorful wings. After conquering the runway it has spread its reign in the streets of fashion & made its way into every closet. Like anyone else it rules my wardrobe and makes black look timid & red feel shy.

Thank god for ZARA & MANGO to come up with fabulous neon styles. This is my humble take on how Im wearing neon this season.