How to Wear- Sporty Chic

You dont have to look like a footballer to try sporty trends this season. Add sporty accents to your wardrobe in the form of Caps, Varsity Jackets, Sneakers or Canvas, Sports Tshirts or Jerseys, or turn your trackpants into a fashion staple. Here is a simple guide to get you through like a winner.

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Bespoke Men: SS Homme

Men I work with have their own sense of style or at least mostly interested in experimenting with something a little less predictable, each one takes clothing in their own expression and connection.

I personally believe dressing is like love, you must appreciate how accurate the shape feels on your body and how sensational and romantic the fabrics are, you impersonate elegance and let people be a part of it.

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How to wear White all overs

White on White is the most refreshing look this summer, the coolest color which compliments every color and body… Gives a neutral platter to try any color and accessory.

Today’s post is all about how to wear white on white.

  • Wear W’n'W with pop of color…
  • Dress up a white skirt and a Blouse with wedge Heels to accentuate the White in your look….
  • Break the color with a bright colored belt…

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How to wear Stripes

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Nautical stripes came into existence two centuries ago in France from the uniform of Royal Navy, soon made its way into homes and emerged as a trend for children. Today as we know, it became the fashion essential for men in 30s, however legendary Coco Chanel wore it at a French resort and introduced stripes for women.

Minimal and yet stylish stripes can give a refined look effortlessly, pairing it with any trend will make it a statement in itself.

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