About Sheena Sherwani

Im Sheena Sherwani an entrepreneur, Designer, writer from India. Inspired and trained in Fashion Design by my father and had worked as an intern in fashion industry for a few years then took a long break. This blog is my return and a platform to talk about my passion for everything experimental and stunning.

Moving my blog

Hey everyone I’m moving my blog from WordPress so from now you can access the new and improved version of my blog at www.sheenafab.com for the new posts all you have to do is remove /wp from the blog link.

How to wear stripes for spring & summer

After a long time and way too much procrastination, Im back to Fashion Do’s ( well is there any don’t in fashion :-/)…

stripesOut of all the trends this season Im most excited about “Stripes” (its so hard to style, and yet so amazing). well to keep an open mind stripes always look fabulous, put on a stripy T-shirt and a jeans and you are set. Continue reading

Shop- Fashion Illustration


Hey everyone after a long pause and some really hefty redesign of SheenaFab.com, Im back (for now)!
So Im launching my Art Prints Shop… this shop will contain some of my fashion illustrations that you can now order for your humble abode and style your home with my art… Id love for all for you to provide me with feedback and suggestions. Continue reading

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