Demanding- New phone

Since I “sabotaged” my i phone 3Gs, I decide I’ll stick to basic and “resistant” phone. Thus I got Nokia 8800 for myself. It used to fulfill all requirements in terms of being functional, Shiny, Stylish and most importantly… Highly Durable, its a GEM (clad in steel) for people who are destructive towards Technology. But lately I’ve felt a desperate need to buy a smartphone to stay connected on the move.

And yet again as I have an undying love for apple Products and admiration for late Steve Jobs… I guess Im ready to embrace I Phone again.

But open to suggestions… leave a comment to tell me what you think.


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2 comments on “Demanding- New phone

  1. Aliya on said:

    yes girl…..seems like thats gonna be my next hit…:)…keep blogging.

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