How to wear stripes for spring & summer

After a long time and way too much procrastination, Im back to Fashion Do’s ( well is there any don’t in fashion :-/)…

stripesOut of all the trends this season Im most excited about “Stripes” (its so hard to style, and yet so amazing). well to keep an open mind stripes always look fabulous, put on a stripy T-shirt and a jeans and you are set. Continue reading

Plum- Peplum Trend

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Glamour & Drama is what defines women’s fashion, but frill or embellishment are not the only details that can give you a dramatic upheaval, a little bit graceful sophistication can easily make you turn the tables. PEPLUM is one such trend which can achieve that with Grace, dignity and of course a bit of illusion. It has stormed the runway, Jason Wu, Vera Wang, Dior, Armani, McQueen, Karen Walker, Rodarte there was hardly any designer who wasn’t bugged by this trend.

My personal favorite has to be Jason Wu this year, his dresses showcased refinement of couture with the dynamic movement, his silhouette were made of over-sweet graceful sophistication with an ease of a biker chic.

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Leg up in skirts this summer

Through out the cold freezing winter women keep their heart warming legs wrapped up in tights and boots, waiting for the liberation of summer. Summer gives a reason to get out & have leisure in showing off those beautiful legs in summery hues of short or long, slinky or flowy skirts.

Skirts this season have surely taken a longer stride… a flash of an ankel is every bit as provocative and directional as a glimpse of a thigh in a mini skirt in its hey days. A trend that has been peripheral since last spring & summer, that inspired some thought provoking designers to experiment with varied silhouettes.

As the skirts go longer they go more and more flowy and romantic… you can spot one in the streets from Grecian to gothic.

Either its a pleated one or cheerly airy it does define modesty and status.

Longer length is evoking a new visual sophisticated sexiness, the mid length ones hit the right balance between ankel and thigh. For those who have curves nothing better then a  mid length pencil skirt, its snug and it gives you freedom to move around, moreover it drapes around as if its made for you. And if you are like me you would prefer your length just below the knee and flared and puffy like an umbrella.

Long skirts are not just stylish but also fashionably practical. They not just give you an ease to wear but they provide you various options to create a fabulous look as well.

Enough said about longer lengths but I still wont deny that a bit of skin can still stop the traffic.

As fashion is defined by rapid changes, try your hand at a trendy skirt this summer, and do tell me how you are styling yours.


Demanding- New phone

Since I “sabotaged” my i phone 3Gs, I decide I’ll stick to basic and “resistant” phone. Thus I got Nokia 8800 for myself. It used to fulfill all requirements in terms of being functional, Shiny, Stylish and most importantly… Highly Durable, its a GEM (clad in steel) for people who are destructive towards Technology. But lately I’ve felt a desperate need to buy a smartphone to stay connected on the move.

And yet again as I have an undying love for apple Products and admiration for late Steve Jobs… I guess Im ready to embrace I Phone again.

But open to suggestions… leave a comment to tell me what you think.


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