Apr 2012

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Summer- Mens Fashion Round Up

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Now Im not doing this post to provide one more platform to debate Men. Im writing to talk about what any fashion addict will be saying for men this season- Spring & Summer Fashion essentials.

But what should i say bout Men- they dont need a fashion advice, they dont have to flatter their vanity, they never take long hours to brainstorm in front of their closet or look at themselves in the rear view mirror. But how many times have you seen a Man stealing a look over your shoulder, that knowing smirk on his face, broadening of chest and sucking of stomach, walking like the king of the jungle, well if you have seen all that- then lets revisit ‘vanity’ and talk about what are the fashion essentials for men this season.

Summer fashion is all about less is more, but adding an individual touch more subtly is what makes an iconic look. Here are a few trendy details for Men’s fashion this season.

This year summer is all about being bolder, brighter, graphical. Its about Army Camouflage, Animal impressions, Grand Paisleys & Tropical magnificence, and of course a lot of colors . Though unlike women Bold & Bright have a quality of startling most Men. But fashion trends are all about thoughtfully strewn individual pieces.

Colors and Prints can also be added as an Accent to a look.

Colored shoes & Accessories is one more trend that is picking up this season, add a POP COLOR to your otherwise garish suit to complement the look, perfected by the fashion icon Nick Wooster.

Ot create a Bolder Statement by adding block color pieces as well.

The tropical breeze this season has stopped on beaches with hibiscus flowers, paradise birds & coconut trees. Fill your cup of tropical thunder this season in a nice Summery Shirt.

Continuing the use of colors, BLUE was seen like clear cloudless sky on the horizon this season, a lot of designers paired blue and blue to clear out any shade its combined with, surely the color which has made heads turn since ever and ever so this season “Go Indigo”.

Any season will be incomplete if we dont talk about denim. Go for a full Denim On Denim look this season, this is one trend that has been rapidly embraced by the streets. The presence of denim makes it the most accessible trends this season.

Over the years Men across the world have started to embrace bold and bright color in their wardrobe. However, their are some traditional souls who are skeptical about becoming a victim of fashion seriousness. But when has fashion disappointed anyone, for one and for all the raging trend this season is PASTEL shades. They are actually timeless and classy, and pairing pastels is the easiest thing to do, considering which look you are aiming for. You can go for same shade (Pink on Pink/ Khaki on Khaki) for a bolder pastel look or if you want to make a subtle statement combine different shades (yellow on mint/ blue or pink on khaki).

The eternal WHITE SHIRT. The classic that has been reinvented again and again over the decades, this season makes it more opaque and transparent, pair it with washed denim, crisp linen trousers or shorts to create that enviably fresh look this summer.

But as I always say ‘Philosophy of fashion is change’, adapt to the change around you, remember its not just about looking good but about feeling good. So put on your best shoes and sunglasses and make the hearts stop.

Lots of love…. Sheena

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    1. He is Nick Wooster… when ever he is captured in a picture he has made point blank perfect.
      thanks for your support, keep dropping in…


    1. You have some really nice posts…
      and that floral jacket was really cool… looks good on you as well…


  1. The Khaki (Taxi Driver) kind of shirt so well stitched i must say, i want that one. If i don’t get that one easily i am gonna make it & out of leather. And i already have most of it, go get some more of alien looking cloths our blogger & post them with the sheer passion.

    1. Thanks for your support, I can help you to get one like that…
      let me try some over here…

  2. Hi there, I bought 2 pair of calvin klein moccasin one is red and the other is yellow, Im wondering how should I dress them, I mean what kind of pants color should I wear ( casual etc ) and also the tshirt.. please if you can help me sending me pics or ideas would be great!
    thanks a lot!!!!

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