Jun 2012


How to Wear Red- Part 2

When in doubt: Wear Red

RED I believe is one of the most depraved and underestimated
of all colors… being associated by people with anger or adultery; people generally forget its symbolism with Love and Sacrifice… where it naturally connects to Vitality and Beauty… we are conditioned to seek Danger & Blood with red…

Then again forced to look at RED from a different point of view when it emerges on the fashion scene…

in this world is the color of fierce, feisty and fun… its sensuous & sexy likewise…
its for Men as much as for Women…
it journey’s from runways to street…
from lips to nails & bags to shoes…
its not be toned down but to be dressed up…
its the color of everything FASHIONABLE…

In my previous post I have shared inspiration from all across the web which will surely turn the heads. Today let me share how to style red fearlessly

Yes first of all… let me coax all the scared souls who cant wear “Red”. well I’d suggest wear it all over… Red is all about being fearless… dont be bothered by those glued eyes, they are not shocked just surprised, let those tongues wag a little and make them follow like lambs…

  • RED all over is a true answer to a dull day
  • For if you still think its too feminine, here I’ve added some Rustic Masculine Charm to the outfit
  • Wear Pleated trousers and structured shirt
  • Pair them with classic Oxfords and Mens accessories to make a power packed statement

  • Give Red On Red a flirty flame- put on an extremely feminine dress to make your day cheerful
  • Trick is to add & extract RED to it, add in the form of bag or shoes… and break it with with neutral color palette
  • With all over Red stay away from makeup and keep it natural and nude for that lady like appearance

Dont resist Red if you think you cant wear it all over… make a casual statement for a sunday brunch.

  • Pair a Red with a denim (Light washes looks best), a Red jeans with blue shirt or vise versa…
  • You can pair them with sneakers or heels however comfortable (thats why they are casuals)

  • Red and blue- now this one is my favorite combination… I call it the the “SUPERHERO” recipe.
  • If style appropriately this can create a lasting impression
  • When wearing bold colors stick to blocking i.e. avoid prints. Try different textures and fabrics to create illusion of movement and ease.
  • Here I have added a Red leather biker jacket to an all blue outfit.

  • I call this combination ‘LOVE’… Pair nude or off whites with red create a mood for love and romance.
  • Here I have paired an asymmetrical red skirt (asymmetry & movement always defines romance) with Off white top and gorgeous heels…
  • Added a touch of spunk with chain bracelets.

  • What can be a better match then adding Red to Black/ White.
  • Here I have paired a White Maxi Skirt with Red heels, its a maxi skirt so a peeking red will be really romantic and fun. This outfit can add color to your dull day.
  • In other outfit I have paired black tights with a Red Top and all black and gold accessories… this can be perfect for a night out with friends.

  • Otherwise here are a few of my favorite of all time in Red.
  • RED Nails
  • RED Lips
  • RED Signature McQueen clutch
  • A RED Scarf to be added to whichever outfit
  • A Mini RED satchel bag (love the quirky shape)
  • And of course RED lace.

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