Sep 2012

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Vogue FNO 07 Sept 2012

Vogue FNO was launched in 2009 by Anna Wintour to give a much needed uplift to the fashion industry so that people shall start spending again. The proceeds of the sales go to charitable causes, this helps an overall approach of the brand behavior for people.

So FNO got over with a bang. Well at least in my head as always my dear head refused to stay focussed (my bad).

Arrived straight from work (oh yes I work for shoes and bags) with much needed enthusiasm, so it was my first time at FNO much to my surprise a whole lot of people came, which resulted in a long queue at the Vogue loves store.

So as I refuse to stand in queues I chose to move around the lounge where most of the action was happening, wanting to meet a special few (at least those, I actually admire).

Bandana Tewari as stunning as always.


It was fantastic to meet the fiery Lazy Manx Cat Leslie Lobeni who was all so gorgeous (and she sure knows how to pose well).

Could have stayed longer I wouldn’t have missed the starry entry of Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt but I still feel my head needed my attention and care.

And here humble me… wearing my DIY denim Jacket, J.crew bracelet & earrings.

Zara Denims & C&K heels

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