Oct 2012

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New Look

As the seasons are changing so are we… Here are all my favorite trends & pieces of this season…

The Mercuric Metallic has been over shadowing my eyes since ever and Blumarine did a remarkable manifestation of what I could vision.

When you do Red do itM Kors way I was head over heels with way the dress flew across and the Coat with overbearing collar was enough to give me glamourous sleepless nights.

When they said that the season is all about application! all I could see was Oscar De La Renta with neon Taffeta Skirts full of delectable Bows to 60’s embroidered glamour… I was floored

Givenchy for me was about out loud yet wearable pieces… From these tower high stunning boots…

To the bloggers favorite Rotwieler Shirt… Givenchy had me gaga over them!

WINE! Well this intoxicating and sophisticated color speaks for itself.

Had never been a big Kenzo Fan but they made my ever humble Sweatshirts more wearable and chic… Why wouldn’t I promote!

They said Peplum is for ladies but Stella McCartney made it for athletes… This came out to be the most worn and seen on Street Style. This sure redefines the limits of fashion, and makes peplum more versatile.

Oh Luxurious Leather… leather has came out to me a hands down winner this season used from accents in piping or clad head to toe, it surely has made a huge comeback.

Everything CELINE, Nothing more to say

That story wich was incomplete… I totally loved each piece for D&G’s collection but had to choose this one for the print and the story it tells…

SO here are my favorite pieces, leave comments and tell me yours!

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