Sep 2014

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Foundation tips from the Pros

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(These tips appeared on Beautylish first)

This is straight from the horses mouth, secrets learned at the beauty school about infamous Creame foundation.

You can wear heavy cream foundation as is for opaque, full coverage ‘or’ you can break it down to be more translucent by mixing it with some primer. This is a surefire way to retain the foundation’s coverage without looking caked on. Plus, you get to reap the long-lasting durability that cream foundation has over liquids and powders. This also helps the makeup blend seamlessly with the first layer of primer on your skin.

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Yvonne Hawker says everyone can use cream foundation, but those with oily skin should use a damp sponge to apply it. Most foundations have oil in its formula to give the coverage blend-ability. Using the sponge will “pick up the pigment, but not the oil in the foundation.” You’ll still get great coverage, but not the shine.

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For dry or combination skin types, “use your foundation brush and buff the foundation onto the skin, concentrating on the center of your face, which is typically where your skin has the most discolouration,” says Hawker. “The further you get from the center, the less coverage you want.”

Hope this helps…