Sep 2014

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How to deal with Bangs?

Hair WoesBangs can anyday take a few years off your face make you look rather feel fresh and fun. But in my case fresh & FRUMPY.

I have a LOVE/ HATE relationship with bangs, its like I love Bangs but they hate me yeah I have tears in my eyes. I mean Why? why are they so high maintenance and notoriously copying cow-licks. I have had bangs twice in my lifetime and both the times when I see myself in the mirror either I wanted them to grow out or I was standing there staring at them furiosly hoping that they will oblige and behave as I want them to its like you are staring at a child with arms crossed and hissing right back at you.



So what are the issues with Bangs:-

  • Spending anywhere between 10 to 40 minutes to make sure your bangs are straight. Sometimes when they were straight, they were too straight to be seen by people.
  • Humid weather made them an eye sore: yes if you have wavy hair or curls as a matter of fact just do a rain check before getting out because even one single drop of water will make it look like Medusa’s head full of snakes.
  • Getting occaisional burns: Yes if you are as inexperienced as I am with hot tools kitchen or outside you must have had burnt your forehead at some point of time, which leaves you with an icepack and lots of well wishers concerned about your sanity.
  • Always waking up with your hair HERE-THERE-EVERYWHERE.
  • And summer: Sweaty, icky, let me die summers, you sweat and ofcourse you sweat most at your forehead and all your bangs just stick to your forehead dripped need I say more.

But Not all people have bad experiences with bangs think (Taylor Swift or Zooey Deschanel), I have seen so many women with envious blunt bangs which make their owner not just proud but also sperbly sexy. Which say to me “SUCK IT”

Its a thing with straight fine hair I guess, which now thanks to chemistry in tube Keratin treatment you can eisily get even if you have curls or waves.

Ok may be most of you and I myself might be against treating your hair but hear me out, recently I had met someone who have curls but had awsome bangs thanks to Keratin, she had only treated her bangs. Now what Im asking is if its a smart decision as you can keep your pretty hair intact all around and mutilate a few strands to create a fabulous look.

Plus you beat the hell out of those bangs kinda bang’em down.