Sep 2014

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Nivea Créme


A recent experiment done by Clair Cisotti author at dailymail clearly shows how wonderful Nivea creme is for your skin.

I remember my mum telling me that when the nurse brought me from the nursery for the first time after my birth I was smelling fresh and nice with Nivea creme and my mum was advised that she should only use nivea as it resembles the natural skin oils.

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At that time Nivea was rather scarce in India and mostly imported or brought back as gifts from overseas weirder and weirder.
Coming back to the experiment…

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Clair Cisotti, 47 applied the different creams to each side of her face for a month to see which was better. Note: Nivea costs Rs 39 for 30ml and Cre´me de la Mer costs close to £105 yeah thats whooping Rs 12,445 for 30ml. She got a Visia test done before she started the routine to determine the wrinkles, large pores and other skin surface demographics so that the results can be compared after 30 days.


For 30 days she used Nivea on her left side and Cre´me de la Mer on right. She gives her weekly account in the article and how both the cremes perform, you can check the article here.
Though week after week she accounts that both the sides feel smoother than before and she gets more and more compliments on her skin condition and that she looks younger. But its not before the final Visia test that reveals that Nivea Creme at a fraction of the price has unequivocally proves to be better than the luxurious Cre´me de la Mer.


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Having said that a lot of bloggers have posted about the fact that the ingredients of both the cremes are rather same expect for one rather rare sea weed which is harvested only twice a year and is the resin for such a high cost. There are millions and millions of Nivea devotees who look rather luxurious themselves one being ‘Kate Winslet’ who claims to have been using the creme since last 30 yrs.


Im too a Nivea devotee myself… I have used it in winter as well as summer as I have sensitive and dry skin which tends to be very shiny all through the year, but Nivea leaves me with a rather nice sheen of healthy skin and not shine. I use it for my lips for my cuticles and also when I have to do some really tricky hair styles.

Do tell me how you feel about Nivea and if you use it how has been your experience.