Oct 2014

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Bodyshop Tea Tree BB Cream

Fit or ZitFinding a makeup base is very tricky in itself and if you have acne prone skin its a far bigger concern to find the right product for your skin. I’d like to say contrary to people belief, everyone gets a zit or two occasionally, and yes everyone is petrified of the painful bump.

Having acne full psssst prone skin I have always struggled to find right products to suit my skin. But recently Bodyshop launched their Tea Tree oil BB Cream in India, targeted specifically for acne prone skin but believe me its a good addition for everyone.


I have been using the Bodyshop tea tree oil BB cream since over a month and it feels nice and reassuring that even while Im wearing makeup I dont have to fret about my acne. Tea tree oil is not new for the beauty industry considering its a very good source of Salicylic Acid, kills bacteria or fungi and much more. I personally use Tea tree oil for my zits dot at pm and zit be gone by am.

Will review the Cream Face Wash in some time
Will review the Cream Face Wash in some time

How It Feels

  • The Bodyshop tea tree oil BB cream is a very potent formula and like any other BodyShop product you can smell the oil by far.
  • Its very runny liquid unlike most BB creams.
  • As a matter of fact “do shake” before using or applying as the oil and product tends to separate which is rather irritating.
  • Its very cooling when you apply it and once applied you can feel a nice tingle on your skin, which tells you its doing something.
  • Its very moisturising but has never caused breakouts because of the obvious presence of tea tree oil.

How It Looks

  • A pea size amount is more than enough believe me more and you will be left with squeaky mess.
  • It has a very sheer coverage which honestly is not buildable. A fair advice once you apply it leave it on for a minute or two and the oil will be absorbed in your skin or evaporate and then start blending.
  • Its not sweat proof and will start melting pretty soon, so yes you must fix it with powder. I have been using it in conjunction with primer as well as loose powder and it stays on for two to three hours tops.

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Verdict- The Bodyshop tea tree oil BB cream

Priced at a steep price of Rs 1095/- it comes in three shades, I picked up 02 which is a perfect match.

I like the fact that it has tea tree oil as an active ingredient which actually works but I was slightly put off by its lack staying power and sheer coverage.

Considering that this is targeted at women with  blemished and acne prone skin its a slight let down.


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