Dec 2014

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Wearing Wide Leg Pants & T- Shirt with a Printed scarf

Winters are coming

Anna Bradstreet once said “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant”. I cant stand to express how much I love winters I wait and witness each day pass so I can face the Winter Sun. Those first dew drops and hazy sky, I remember even when I was in Mumbai I used to come back to Delhi in winters for a month or two just to enjoy winters. Unlike most people I like getting up early in winters I like to see the dew drops collected efficiently on the leaves and specially those spiky plants where the dew drop just stays at the tip, looks like nectar coming from the leaf it self. I like walking bare feet on grass early morning to feel the cold rising up my spine and waking up all my senses. My now you must have guessed I also get rather poetic.

Well for this shoot I wanted to try Wide Leg pants with a T-shirt. But then it got very black & White and also boring so added some much needed excitement with a colourful scarf.

Wearing Wide Leg Pants & T- Shirt with a Printed scarf

T-shirt: Thrifted | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Forever 21 | Scarf: Satya Paul | White Jacket : S Oliver | Rings : Mango | Bracelets : Forever21 & H&M 









Images by two very good friends and talented photographers Jovin George & Arnab Das