Apr 2015

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Fashion week through the lens


You can never be a part of fashion week and not take pictures, so other than having my SLR all the time with me I had #MyAsusZenFone clicking away all the during show images. So here are some of my favorite  images which also made the cut to my Instagram.

Out of all the images or videos I posted had to be the first video of the making of Nitrogen Icecream, I guess I had it for all five days just so I can see the process, I used to feel like a small child while they were doing it.

Nitrogen icecream in the making…

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Asus ZenFone honestly turned out to be a great phone and considering its price point its simply fantastic. Amongst its counterparts it has some of the best capabilities and can easily compete with the higher end smart phones. Im not just a big fan of the Camera but I also love the fact that it comes with some power packed apps within unlike other smart phones whose feature set and native apps do not do justice to each other.

So I had a tonn of fun with #MyAsusZenFone if you had as well share your story and let us know.