Apr 2015


Online shopping and future of fashion with Myntra

Future of Fashion


Human have been trying to find ways to make their life more and more easier. With passing centuries humans have evolved in terms of technology and at the pace we are going we are becoming more and more mobile, with needs to access data anywhere and anytime our data oriented world is pacing fast towards a Mobile-Only world. There is still a lot of debate about wearable technology and that if its the next big thing, but a decade back the functionality of smart phones was being questioned, today we have active 1.5 billion smartphone users. Considering all this new tech what will be the future of fashion. Today we receive latest trends and updated fashion literally on our finger tips; with most etailers operating with a smartphone app, fast fashion is not just easier but extremely tempting as well. its practically a three step process to make a purchase and the algorithms are so on point that its rare u won’t buy what is being shown to you.

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Say for example recently Myntra has started ad campaigns in Delhi Metro I happen to see a pair of heels in the advertisement, I liked them so I immediately opened the Myntra App and searched for “Black Heel Sandal” and found the pair which was from New Look and surprisingly it was on sale and in my budget, it took me less than 5 mins to find it and place the order which by the way is on its way as we speak. Now how could I have did that in 5 mins, sitting in an AC metro without walking or doing anything extraordinary, I couldn’t have and shopping with our mobiles is so convenient and universal that you eventually cant think of any other way to shop.


But is this it, is the future of fashion “now”, perhaps we must look at the technical world in an entirely different light. When we talk about future we might just want to isolate information technology because as an end consumer the fashion tech doesn’t really matter to us. With google deciding to launch wearable tech in the form of “Google Glass”, most of the tech companies jumped on the band wagon, while Samsung came up with a smart watch to stay connected with its other devices, Apple went a step ahead to make wearable technology more intimate; which proved to be the best, I feel none these are just the baby steps.

What would I like to see in the future, I believe we will be more connected because of our tech, the technology will guide us to how we shall experience our day to day life.

Mass customisation “can be the future of fashion,” says Knyttan co-founder from Dezeen on Vimeo.

For example, I would want my phone to not just give me a calendar reminder before an event, may be in future my smartphone or a smart watch or a any of the tempting wearable tech might become my go to wardrobe organiser

  • tell me what to were as per the weather that day remind me that I have a meeting so I better not be wearing my clogs (if they will exist then)
  • must start giving me alert for sales in advance so that I can shop for a special occasion
  • why not just just choose a few outfits for me and send the pictures to my friends for a vote
  • may be coordinate my outfit options with my date
  • might keep a check on all my accessories and help me to find the right shoes or a bag or may be suggest to buy a new one
  • if its the future I would imagine it to be able to eliminate my wardrobe malfunctions in advance after all tech is not supposed to make errors and pre-empt the problems so we can eliminate them

Any how I would love to experience the Future of Fashion in an all mobile connected world.

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