Mar 2016

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Bell bottom alert

Micro Trends: Seventies Fashion

As you may have noticed recently, 70s is the new come back era, and brought back numerous micro trends back in fashion; large bold home furnishing prints, fringes, gypsy tops and my most adored “Flares”. Yes people flares are back in fashion; flares were a rage like 7 or 8 years back before skinny jeans took you by storm. Im crazy about flares and of course about skinny jeans as well but unlike skinny jeans flared jeans are tricky to style, but oh so rewarding as well. Flare jeans create a perfect silhouette and makes you appear skinny and taller (in flats as well), they are truly retro and bohemian (courtesy Jane Birkin).

But then there is a problem… The Walk!
Flares are impractical because they are utterly uncomfortable to walk in. Walking in flares means you also end up cleaning the ground around you, which might not be that bad you may think, but anyone who has ever worn flares in rain might know what happens… so if it rains you become a human mop.

Hence must be handled with care…

I paired my flares with this fabulous silk tunic I scored from Equipment Sale in Dubai (It is my go to blouse). To give this look more of a boho feel, I accessorized with a this DIY fringed white wrap necklace (can be worn as a belt #loveit) and some chunky silver rings. I completed a look with flat pointed toe flat shoes from Forever21.

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Photos Courtesy : Jovin Goerge

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