Apr 2016

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Workwear of a Fashion Girl

Power Dressing


I got a job moment I was out of college I had no idea what constitutes of appropriate or I’d say expected work wear and in order to fit in I basically copied what most of my female colleagues parts would wear. Apparently I had started to gravitate towards grays & blues and without any surprise I ended up looking like a corporate clone, my wardrobe had no personality or variation, it was utterly uncomfortable and boring. But once you are inside a corporate structure there is not much left to experiment (or you will have a reminder Workwear Policy in your inbox once a week true story), yet change was vital to maintain my own individuality so I gradually started adding more color and prints to my wardrobe, then experimented with shapes and designs. I started receiving compliments, my colleagues started asking for fashion advice, I was doing good work earlier as well but appreciation was restricted to emails but I started getting noticed and appreciated in person.


Honestly my dress code did great things for my corporate stint dont read between the lines. I was promising young talent, a High Potential for the organisation and that promise resonated in the way I dressed; I worked harder because I felt the need & determination to maintain the attention I was getting; dont get me wrong Im not saying that change in my wardrobe did all these wonders for me but it provided much needed fuel and power to my personality, I got noticed because I started looking different and that gave me opportunities that I might not have had earlier.


I eventually left the job and the whole Corporate stint, started my own IT Firm and I don’t have to abide to any regulations but I still attend meetings, work amongst others and being an entrepreneur you have to look a certain way to keep up with the profile. I dress to impress not others but myself, I feel I have some really high standards to when it comes to Workwear. Im still always the best dressed in the room and my success as an entrepreneur defines my ability and competence.

Summer trends white on white

What has changed is that now there are no rules to what I can wear and the ones that are there… are my own! And the only rule I follow is

My outfit has to be polished

Even if Im wearing a pair of Jean I add a piece to make my outfit look expensive, it can be a Jacket or a Button Down Shirt or pair of High Heel Stilettos; such items make you look put together and adds a touch of classy glamour to your outfit. My one major tip for you guys will be to add item that:

A. Have some structure to it like a blazer or a structured Bag, Structure makes you look strong and will give you more confidence

B. Garments made of expensive fabrics like silk or linen which makes your outfit look instantly expensive

C. Garments with small but distinguishable details like pipings or buttons, which adds a little quirk to our outfit

D. Any one statement Jewellery piece to add a much needed bling to a boring office outfit.






Let me know if you have any more tips or questions.

Shot by Jovin Goerge

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