May 2016


Chopping off my long hair


I have had long hair since the dawn of time and my hair had always been super healthy, smooth, soft and manageable, in short my hair were #hairgoals for most people I met. But I had been longing to get a change and a while back when I met Nikhil at Tony&Guy launch at Khan Market I decided to get it done. Nikhil is the Art Director (North India) at Tony&Guy and if he is available to give you a haircut you dont think twice, I asked him to give me a shorter length with a lot of movement. I have really thick hair but my hair are very straight, which makes them look flat so I wanted the volume to show and he gave some really sharp layers which are super easy to style.

So here is a before and after of my hairstyle:


long hair
Short hair styles for summer

You see my hair grow really fast unlike popular belief that once you go short you cant get long hair. Though I will eventually grow them long but being short isn’t that bad either.

But do I miss my long hair, yes of course I do; you always miss or want what you don’t have but I love my new short hair much more, as a matter of fact I plan to go shorter once the bangs grow out. Having said that its not easy to accept such a drastic change, I went through withdrawal syndrome first few days, I had thought what the hell have I done, I thought my face looks older and longer suddenly, I was scared that may be my husband wont find be attractive anymore. But as I lived with it over a week I learned to style it and have fun with it and mostly to my surprise everyone I met loved the hair style. Even my mum said it looks nice but only after two days of arguing.

So if you are planning to change your hair or your looks:

A. Be realistic, you may look very very different.

B. Even if you don’t like it dont worry its not the end of the world, your hair will grow faster than you think. and then what are extensions for.

C. No matter what people say but changing your look affects your life, so be you have to own it to feel good about it.

D. If you are planning to get a hair cut and you stay in Delhi definitely try to meet Nikhil at Tony&Guy at Khan Market.

Rest you can always ask me anything.

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